Running for reproductive research at the Honolulu Marathon

This December, Sonya Cameron will put on her running shoes in Hawaii to raise money for the Nurture Foundation. Sonya is a 4th year medical student at the University of Otago with a personal interest in supporting reproductive research in New Zealand. 

"On 10 Dec at 5am I will line up on the start line of the Honolulu marathon in Hawaii to raise funds for the Nurture Foundation, a charity for infertility and reproductive research. My personal motivation to fundraise for Nuture comes from my niece who at 38 weeks gestation entered the world sleeping. The grief associated with her stillbirth was heart breaking for many, not least for her mum and dad. My running is just a small thing but if it can help others by supporting this research her short life won’t have been in vain."

Nurture is proud to have made a difference to the lives of many New Zealanders, by distributing funding to research groups across New Zealand who are dedicated to finding causes, preventions and treatments for reproductive disorders. By making a donation you’ll help give hundreds of New Zealanders a chance to do something most of us take for granted: the chance to nurture a child of their own. 

All money raised will go to the Nurture Foundation who distribute funds to groups across NZ who are dedicated to finding causes, preventions and treatments for infertility and reproductive disorders.

Please visit givealittle (search Sonya Cameron or Nurture) to make a donation: